Sunday, August 15, 2010

Life game

Ohh What a life game we all are playing. Everyone has to act on this spacious and beautiful stage of life with every moment and that to again without any creep. All of a sudden we realize, What is our exact role in all this.Its start from our childhood and ends up on our death, till then every one have to perform his or her role in different form,different gate up. Again here we have to maintain relations,friendships,connection and what not but during all this no one knows who is his/her soul mate. everyone actually stamps on people around us. But question is, no one knows the truth of connection with people and friendship.

Also we suffer our relationship from very close one or so called dear one... and that time one has to decide to whom he have to put faith. For me to put faith on any person means giving all that you have but don't expect. Its really hard to digest but believe me this is the rule of life which one has to follow.. HARD TO GULP BUT YOU HAVE TO...


  1. Compensating to what you can do for your mate is justified, but in this journey, we have to look for a few expectations, we cannot function if there is no motivation rather than appreciation form the other end...
    Yes, life is a play with out audiences(Reminds me of the movie: 'The Truman Show') and life is a movie with out the cameras, but we know for sure that this beautiful screenplay is at best because we are unaware of the acts.

    Its a beautiful journey.

  2. very wisely said sir!! i totally agree!! :D