Thursday, October 29, 2009

Real sorrow

What I think is every person is looking for a change in his/her life at every moment. Every moment they want to enjoy but some time they really goof up with their daily chaos and not even look towards each and every moment as much as they can enjoy.

Yesterday I met a person who is always think in a negative way about his life and always think about what people says. My first question to him, are the people around you even think of you? Then why you are bother about them but he was upset then I came to know that he needs some one who will listen to him. Then I thought what a person needs? what we all need?
I think we need some one who will care for us and will listen to us but every one seems so busy that no body have time to hear. I don't know what they are looking for and running behind what?

Can't we spare some time to listen and share sorrows of any body eles's?
So that can help out the other person to think in the positive way about life
But no one cares Every one is busy with their own problems.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Animal behaviour

Why people behave against the nature they having, In fact behaving like a wild animal is that the humanity or what is the humanity? In our life span we met many people around and also try to connect with them on different level but most of the times we can’t connect with them even though they are our so called best friends. Why this happen? Every time I found a different perspective of human nature. What I think is, we all live not for the one another but for the ourselves only. In that we not even think whatever action we take that make or break someone. Those who are selfish they not even think about what are they doing but those who actually not selfish and try and live for someone with a cause behind and suddenly they started acting as a wild animal then what to do about this kind of behavior?

Right from childhood we hear that ‘ life is beautiful , make it more beautiful’ but in the process of living we actually not even making life more disgusting but traumatic. What I am saying is, “can’t we provide little room for others to live by or space for ourselves to think on it”……

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adventure Within

Sometime I felt very much caught in surrounding around me and start thinking about how to do certain things in life whether to go or no. Like many times in a life time you have to take a decision about your well being. In my case I was one of the fighter of my life and doing things on my own, but still I get caught in situational things and not able to make any decision that fast, that I have to take. Many time I keep thinking about the scenario and what will happen if i took so and so decision. Ultimately I landed up in lurch with worst condition which I have to face for that moment or so long.

I know there is no answer as such, what one can do about the things happening in your life. No one can give exact answer for the any situation but my mind still wonder about the decision making which I called as "Adventure within". Yes, I am ready to take any challenge but that's come under adventure outside, what about my inner voice. currently I am facing these kind of instability's and keep asking myself whether to go or not.

Wednesday, June 24, 2009


way back in 80's when i was so small to even understand what going around me from then till now i am actully witness the thing which really amaze me and truly push me to think. Yes i am talking about the very old and ancient ceremony which happen in maharashtra. "Sant Gyaneshwar Palkhi" If i am not wroeng i still remember one very old man from some intrerioe town of maharashtra do come to our home to stay and my old grand mother use to serve them hot food since morning to night. He was having a look of scary face and a hepty body may be a wressler of his time and he walk with grand turben on his head and feel like a "God" in our home. We use to ask him about many things and also serve him food and give some clothes,money for his journy to Pnadharpur. Today after so many years i am thinking things are changed palkhi do come to pune but not even noticed by so called elite class, no body have time to think even but these all "Vaishnav" ritually come togather every year without any invitation and notice and walk there way to Pandharpur to pay the respect to "Lord Vitthal". Many times i even hear a kirtan and the Gyan we got is immensly great alltogether. still i amze after so many years this things are happening without any intruption nd lacs n' lac people walk there way to Pandharpur to meet Lord Vitthal. I think this is only one kind of example in all over the world that every year paople gather and walk there journy so many days without any invitaion. HATS OFF TO THEM....