Wednesday, June 24, 2009


way back in 80's when i was so small to even understand what going around me from then till now i am actully witness the thing which really amaze me and truly push me to think. Yes i am talking about the very old and ancient ceremony which happen in maharashtra. "Sant Gyaneshwar Palkhi" If i am not wroeng i still remember one very old man from some intrerioe town of maharashtra do come to our home to stay and my old grand mother use to serve them hot food since morning to night. He was having a look of scary face and a hepty body may be a wressler of his time and he walk with grand turben on his head and feel like a "God" in our home. We use to ask him about many things and also serve him food and give some clothes,money for his journy to Pnadharpur. Today after so many years i am thinking things are changed palkhi do come to pune but not even noticed by so called elite class, no body have time to think even but these all "Vaishnav" ritually come togather every year without any invitation and notice and walk there way to Pandharpur to pay the respect to "Lord Vitthal". Many times i even hear a kirtan and the Gyan we got is immensly great alltogether. still i amze after so many years this things are happening without any intruption nd lacs n' lac people walk there way to Pandharpur to meet Lord Vitthal. I think this is only one kind of example in all over the world that every year paople gather and walk there journy so many days without any invitaion. HATS OFF TO THEM....

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