Thursday, July 9, 2009

Adventure Within

Sometime I felt very much caught in surrounding around me and start thinking about how to do certain things in life whether to go or no. Like many times in a life time you have to take a decision about your well being. In my case I was one of the fighter of my life and doing things on my own, but still I get caught in situational things and not able to make any decision that fast, that I have to take. Many time I keep thinking about the scenario and what will happen if i took so and so decision. Ultimately I landed up in lurch with worst condition which I have to face for that moment or so long.

I know there is no answer as such, what one can do about the things happening in your life. No one can give exact answer for the any situation but my mind still wonder about the decision making which I called as "Adventure within". Yes, I am ready to take any challenge but that's come under adventure outside, what about my inner voice. currently I am facing these kind of instability's and keep asking myself whether to go or not.

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