Thursday, October 29, 2009

Real sorrow

What I think is every person is looking for a change in his/her life at every moment. Every moment they want to enjoy but some time they really goof up with their daily chaos and not even look towards each and every moment as much as they can enjoy.

Yesterday I met a person who is always think in a negative way about his life and always think about what people says. My first question to him, are the people around you even think of you? Then why you are bother about them but he was upset then I came to know that he needs some one who will listen to him. Then I thought what a person needs? what we all need?
I think we need some one who will care for us and will listen to us but every one seems so busy that no body have time to hear. I don't know what they are looking for and running behind what?

Can't we spare some time to listen and share sorrows of any body eles's?
So that can help out the other person to think in the positive way about life
But no one cares Every one is busy with their own problems.

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