Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Animal behaviour

Why people behave against the nature they having, In fact behaving like a wild animal is that the humanity or what is the humanity? In our life span we met many people around and also try to connect with them on different level but most of the times we can’t connect with them even though they are our so called best friends. Why this happen? Every time I found a different perspective of human nature. What I think is, we all live not for the one another but for the ourselves only. In that we not even think whatever action we take that make or break someone. Those who are selfish they not even think about what are they doing but those who actually not selfish and try and live for someone with a cause behind and suddenly they started acting as a wild animal then what to do about this kind of behavior?

Right from childhood we hear that ‘ life is beautiful , make it more beautiful’ but in the process of living we actually not even making life more disgusting but traumatic. What I am saying is, “can’t we provide little room for others to live by or space for ourselves to think on it”……

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