Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Recently I came across to visit crematorium 3-4 times in a month and believe me this was happen first time in my life I visit that place repeatedly. I loss my best friend & Aunty. Quite often, I think about what a short life span we all having and in that we want to do thins larger than life. Every time I visit crematorium always think one day my no. will come and I have to leave this world like all other. No body knows life after death; nobody knows what happen after death to our soul and all this question are still unanswered.
After a death of my beloved friend I was bit panic and started thinking about how it happens to a person whom I met just 2-3 days before and discussed many thing. Means we don’t have death in our hand it will caught you anywhere. Again one thought came in to my mind, then
Why don’t we live our life fullest?
Why not we celebrate each and every moment of our life?
Why we are so possessive about thing which not even belongs to us after death?
Many times I felt we are really poor people in terms of our mind set. We look only things but not the person who is right now with us.
Such a amazing world is this….. I think we are heading to live virtual life rather than real life.

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